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With TimeView Ultimate you get our basic module for data analysis, with which you can determine the exact degree of utilization of your system (s).

Thanks to the TimeView-Definition module, it is possible to allocate reasons for the shutdowns of the analgesia in order to noticeably increase the running time.

In addition, you also get the DEFQuality module to include the production quality in their database. This is the way to yourOEE leveled.

By personalizing the workforce with TimeView Personnel, detailed employee evaluations can be carried out in order to implement appropriate compensation models.

Use technical and physical parameters through our Technology Module to keep an eye on your production.

The WorkPiece module gives you a precise order, component and quantity reference. Running times, shutdowns, faults and also technical values ​​can be assigned to a job and up to the operation.

From history, you can use StaticView to display all collected trends as charts so you can better see their personal CIP.

In addition, have all processed data displayed live with our web control center anywhere in the world.

But if it is more urgent, they can send SMS or e-mail messages from their system with TimeView Attention so that nothing important is missed.